Bangor FC players treated at North Down Chiropractic

Luke Neal has been providing the care for local team Bangor FC since last season. Luke provides all the care which the team need including:
Spinal Manipulation, Massage, Active Release Technique, Acupuncture, Corrective Rehabilitation (exercise in onsite gym), as well as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation. We have already helped rehabilitate a few of the players who have suffered pretty severe injuries back to full game status.

It has been great to help support the local team as they steadily climb back up the league table, we hope this to be a long standing fruitful relationship for us both. We are able to provide everything that a team needs for injury care as well as strength and conditioning as we have onsite facilities.

Luke is currently completing his diploma in FIFA football medicine. For more information on the services provided by Luke please see here.