30% off one to one specialist Pilates Therapy

From the months of October to December we will be running a 30% reduction on prices for our one to one pilates therapy.
Fiona McRoberts is a highly qualified Body Control Pilates Therapist with years of experience managing back pain and neck pain.
The ability of having Fiona spend an hour for one on one classes is especially relevant for those of our patients (and others) who suffer with back pain were classes may not be appropriate

In a class situation there is often 6-20 people present, all doing the same (or thereabouts exercises) this is fantastic if you are pain free and confident in your back, but what if you are just coming back from a episode of severe pain? or maybe you have chronic pain?
We think this is where one to one Pilates comes to the forefront. Fiona will help guide you through a progressive rehabilitation program to get you from back pain back into a class situation. Fiona will also work alongside your chiropractor to prescribe the correct exercises for your condition, this is another huge benefit of having onsite Pilates!

A course of 10 sessions was £380 and is now £266
A course of 5 sessions was £200 and is now £140
A single session was £45 and is now £31.50

Please either speak to your chiropractor or give the clinic a call on 02891859990 for further information