Luke Neal has undertaken extensive post graduate training in the area of managing sporting injuries. The athletic population presents special challenges and thus the clinician should have an intimate knowledge of what is needed to take an athlete from injury back to full performance.

Luke has a history as a competitive gymnast up to age 16; at which point he suffered a traumatic injury to his ankle. Following this Luke now trains and has competed in Powerlifting. Luke’s competitive background stands him in good stead to be able to manage all levels of competitive athlete.

Luke has worked with professional golfers, professional rugby players, professional footballers and a variety of amateur athletes from backgrounds such as rowing, CrossFit, powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, GAA,  running and weightlifting.
He is a member of the British Chiropractic Association, General Chiropractic Council and the Royal College of Chiropractors Sport and Exercise Faculty.

Luke has travelled the world learning from the leaders in the field of sports injury management completing certifications in:

    • Full body ART certified: ART is an advanced form of soft tissue work, it allows Luke an in depth assessment and treatment of muscular and ligamentous issues
    • DNS A, B and vestibular (balance): Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation is a system of movement assessment and allows Luke to actively identify movements that may be hindering athletes and help them to change them
    • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist: This certification allows Luke to prescribe advanced mobility exercises to increase the range of motion in a joint
    • McGill 1+2 certified: Stuart McGill has done extensive research on lower back pain. This course puts the research into a useable system for clinicians

    • Dry needling, IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation), taping. These are all techniques used to supplement Lukes treatment

Luke helps support some of the athletes at Crossfit MCI stay fit for competitions and training


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