As we get older we can often feel “stiffer” and develop “aches and pains” or perhaps you’ve even been told you have “wear and tear” or “osteoarthritis”. These phases and diagnoses can often have a daunting impact on your life, our chiropractors aim to help you manage these kinds of complaints as well as many other age related conditions.

We believe it is of upmost importance to get to know you, which includes a full medical history, case history and a detailed physical examination.  This process becomes even more important as we get older as we have a more extensive history with more notable events, this is why we spend 45 minutes with you on your first visit.

Treatment must also be tailored to you, this often involves a gentler touch and techniques that are not too forceful. All of these options will be discussed with you on your first appointment.

Most importantly your chiropractor will work with you to try to improve your activity levels, as well as giving lifestyle advice and support.

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North Down Chiropractic Clinic is situated on Grays Hill, in Bangor within easy travelling distance to Newtownards, Belfast, Holywood and Donaghadee.

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