Exercise Rehabilitation

We are exceptionally proud of our spinal rehabilitation suite at North Down Chiropractic. We believe that learning how to strengthen your back is one of the most important lessons for anyone, whether they be in pain or not.

We are lucky to be one of the only chiropractic clinics to offer “in house” rehabilitation services, with our chiropractors working closely alongside gym staff, this relationship ensures that all aspects of your recovery can be accounted for.

Exercise Rehab

At North Down Chiropractic we have sufficient equipment to manage conditions such as chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, sciatica, post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as performance enhancement and general fitness.

Our rehabilitation program is strictly individualised and unique to each patient, this is something we pride ourselves on. Although programs may be similar, it is important that each program be tailored to you. We believe that as each condition is as unique as each person, so it makes sense to have a program that is bespoke.

Our programs run over 8-12 weeks and can be both in house and home programs, this enables even those of us with time constraints to partake in this important part of recovery.

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