Low Back and Sciatica

Ivan Paul

I damaged a nerve on the back off my leg which led to something called foot drop, I couldn’t lift my foot up at all and there was no feeling from shin down, which made me walk funny……This led to alsorts off problems wif my lower back, I was busted.doctor told me I maybe won’t walk properly again for a least a year. Then I met Luke. In a matter of weeks I started to see process in my foot, with his help and knowledge it took 10-12 weeks to get me bk to where i wanted to be, Jims rehab was also available to strengthen my leg and foot even more after. 5 star highly recommended

Micheal Worthington

I’ve been getting treated by Luke for various sports related injuries for the past 18 months or so and he always manages to get me back training quickly. He provides the highest quality of service and is extremely knowledgeable.

I couldn’t recommend him and his Practice highly enough.

Kris Gardiner

Excellent clinic, professional and friendly. Dr Luke Neal has treated me for a number of issues and I can’t recommend him highly enough

Graham Alexander

Luke successfully treated a chronic low back pain issue for me. He is very knowledgeable, be patient and follow his instruction and you will see results. I have already referred my father on to him for treatment and my wife will be starting with him soon also. Highly recommended!

Ciaran Ervine

I couldn’t recommend luke and his team any higher! I went from having major back spasms, unbearable pain, couldn’t lay down or stand up for 3 days! Luke performed some acupuncture and muscle relief. The next morning for the first time i got out of bed without assistance (although in pain). The frequency of the spasms reduced enough to goto his clinic and Within 3 sessions with luke i felt better than i did before it all started. His knowledge of the spine and nervous system is unrivalled in my opinion! I will also be a lifetime client!

Marc K Edgar

Had my first appointment tonight with outstanding service A***** Luke is a good guy


Jayne Campbell

Absolute fantastic service. Luke is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I’ve seen a massive difference in 4-5 treatments and can’t thank the clinic enough. Chiropractic care will now be ongoing for maintenance and keeping me pain free and subtle and hopefully never having a nerve entrapment again!

Mischa Scates

After years of physio I decided to try a chiropractor…..not sorry I did! I’m practically pain-free and off painkillers. The service provided is excellent ….sorry I didn’t try it sooner.

Daniel Ricketts Testimonail

Daniel Ricketts

Couldn’t recommend this man and his business more, he has helped every single client I have sent his way that suffered with agonising pain be it in the shoulders hips and even back pain!

Same Campbell Testimonial

Sam Campbell

First class chiropractic treatment.

I had been struggling for close to a year with shoulder, neck and back issues and tried everything from private physio to being referred by GP for help through NHS. All helped only for a very brief period, but probably because all believed the issues to be muscle related problems.

After my initial assessment with Luke he quickly identified that it was in fact a nerve issue and the extremely tight muscles were a result of this. I’ve now been treated extensively to promote smoother and unimpeded ulnar nerve movement and as a result I am seeing very positive results. I am also being shown and taught how to self manage these problems so I will keep getting better, and hopefully in time the issues will be eradicated. I still have a few sessions to go but I am now back to playing golf and playing quite well.

Nearly a year on from first noticing symptoms I now see light at the end of the tunnel, all from a handful of sessions since the end of February at North Down Chiropractic Clinic.

My only regret is I didn’t get this treatment done sooner which would’ve meant a shorter recovery period.

Many thanks to Luke and the staff at North Down Chiropractic Clinic

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