Hip and Knee

Daniel Ricketts Testimonail

Daniel Ricketts

Couldn’t recommend this man and his business more, he has helped every single client I have sent his way that suffered with agonising pain be it in the shoulders hips and even back pain!

Same Campbell Testimonial

Sam Campbell

First class chiropractic treatment.

I had been struggling for close to a year with shoulder, neck and back issues and tried everything from private physio to being referred by GP for help through NHS. All helped only for a very brief period, but probably because all believed the issues to be muscle related problems.

After my initial assessment with Luke he quickly identified that it was in fact a nerve issue and the extremely tight muscles were a result of this. I’ve now been treated extensively to promote smoother and unimpeded ulnar nerve movement and as a result I am seeing very positive results. I am also being shown and taught how to self manage these problems so I will keep getting better, and hopefully in time the issues will be eradicated. I still have a few sessions to go but I am now back to playing golf and playing quite well.

Nearly a year on from first noticing symptoms I now see light at the end of the tunnel, all from a handful of sessions since the end of February at North Down Chiropractic Clinic.

My only regret is I didn’t get this treatment done sooner which would’ve meant a shorter recovery period.

Many thanks to Luke and the staff at North Down Chiropractic Clinic

Victoria Jackson Waugh Testimonial

Victoria Jackson Waugh

Cannot rate higher. Fabulous. I was previously on a lot of long term pain medication, having been treated by Luke I rarely need any meds now. I would highly recommend Luke and the practice to anyone. Worked wonders, I had tried almost everything else! Brilliant!

Julie Robinson Bruce

Julie Robinson Bruce

I’ve been attending North Down Chiropractic clinic for a while now and would recommend it wholeheartedly. It’s about your whole wellbeing and of course any niggly areas that need sorted. Most of my family now attend as well.

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