I have been attending North Down Chiropractic Clinic for the last five weeks and can honestly say the only regret I have is that I did not attend sooner than I did. I have had ongoing problems with my elbow over many years due to putting my arm out behind me when I took a fall, with my elbow taking most of the impact. Over the last two years especially the pain in my elbow and forearm, swelling and pins and needles going down in to my last two fingers had become very significant. So much so I saved and paid privately to see orthopedics, they felt it was medial epicondylitis and injected it, with no relief of symptoms. I then attended physio, who felt after three sessions there wasn’t anything they could do. Feeling a little hopeless, I came across the clinic on fb, and booked in realizing I had nothing to lose. I am so glad I did because in the 4 sessions I have had with Luke, he gave me a clear indication from his expertise of what he felt was the source of my issues (feeling symptoms were more to do with the ulnar nerve than epicondylitis), an action plan as to what he could do, and I have seen positive results really from as early as the second session which surprised me greatly after my prior experiences with orthopedics and PT. Luke has shown a great depth of knowledge, and has been nothing but professional and other staff I have come in contact with have been so welcoming. I would highly recommend the clinic, and would advise anyone to not leave it as long as I did as I know no matter the issue your facing staff will be honest and upfront with you from the get go.😀

— Sonia Ackerman

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North Down Chiropractic Clinic is situated on Grays Hill, in Bangor within easy travelling distance to Newtownards, Belfast, Holywood and Donaghadee.

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