Having been unlucky and disappointed with a few other chiropractors, I was referred to Luke through a friend. I was initially dubious as to whether Luke could help me with what I thought was a particularly painful perifumus muscle injury in my hip (other chiropractors diagnosis).
However, upon a very thorough examination, Luke discovered that it was not that muscle at all! He then proceeded to do treatment on the hip and back. It transpired that the pain was originating from back to hips, in particularly my left one which made walking very difficult The excruciating pain was due to bad posture and sitting for long hours.
Luke told me exactly where the muscle was affected and after first session I was able to walk using both feet more easily. I’ve been back for supportive treatment but my pain has been treated and thankfully because of Luke I can go to the gym and start squatting again. Something I had not been able to do for ages!
Luke is one of the most sincere, empathetic and caring guy I have known. It was Luke who diagnosed the cause of my young son’s lower back problem! One leg very slightly shorter than the other one… But enough to affect his sports!
So Luke, on behalf of the Strutt family, a very BIG THANK YOU and a huge hug!!!

— Mary Strutt

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