Due to a past knee injury and some heavy weight training, I unknowingly caused damage to my skeletal structure of my right leg.
When training, some muscles, ligaments and forms were being overcompensated to protect the knee. After one heavy leg training session I was in constant pain from the right hip down to the toe. I had a variety of issues, pain, pins and needles, my muscles would cease up
even with doing no activity and I had constant cramping in the foot. I didn’t think much of it at the time so I rested for a few days but that didn’t resolve the issue. I went to see a physio and his treatment didn’t help at all. The treatment of deep sports massage would ease the pain for a day or two. I just wasn’t getting anywhere and I was still in absolutely pain. I couldn’t train, I couldn’t walk and I was getting no relief. I felt like there was nothing I could do and just had to live with my issues.

A friend referred me to see Dr Luke Neal and from the first consultation, I was absolutely amazed. I got a complete diagnosis of my issue at hand. I finally had an answer for all my pain and was told how much damage I had done over time, including damage to the sciatic nerve. Luke discussed a treatment plan for me and I realised how serious my injury was. Under Luke’s recommendation, I really had to take things easy and take a step back from all training. I had to unlearn all the forms of exercises I had learnt and build my form from scratch.
I saw Luke twice a week at the start of my treatment and was given rehab exercises as well as exercises to build my form correctly. Even though the exercises were challenging to start, I have gained strength and mobility in my leg. My pins and needles, and pain have completely disappeared and I can now focus my attention to get back into training one step at time.

Luke helped me understand that once you break down and identify the basic building blocks of any movement, you can begin to focus on where the deficits or weaknesses are and slowly build strength in those areas correctly. I am able to move without restriction and activate and coordinate my movements correctly without any pain.
Luke has an exceptional amount of knowledge of the human body and total body correction, it is outstanding. I fully trust Luke with my treatment and I highly recommend him. He is genuine in his assessment and really has a personal interest in healing his patients. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am looking forward to continue my treatment with him.

— Tracey Rooschuz

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