Wear and Tear

“Had an x ray and been told you have wear and tear? Read on…”

What is wear and tear?

Wear and tear is an almost ubiquitous term which is used to describe osteoarthritis (OA). As we begin to cross the bridge from 40-50 and 50-60 we often start to experience a greater number of “niggles and aches” than we did when we were 20! This is not unusual however it is also not something we should just put up with. Sometimes you will have an x ray performed, and following that you may receive a diagnosis of wear and tear. This is a way of describing the changes that have happened in your joints, these changes normally follow a specific pattern: a reduction in joint space a loss of cartilage and often “Bone spurs” that grow around joints, these can be painful and restrict the range of motion in the joint.

Wear & Tear Neck Pain

What does wear and tear feel like?

Wear and tear will create a sensation of stiffness, often accompanied by pain and loss of motion. The small bone spurs can often impinge on a nerve in the neck and cause symptoms similar to a slipped disc. If the joints at the top of the neck are affected, you may experience headache like symptoms.

How can chiropractic help?

The changes in the joint are permanent and cannot be reversed, however your chiropractor can help you manage your condition to reduce the effect of symptoms on your daily activates. Treatment will focus on maintaining movement in joints, reducing tension in muscles and education on how to manage your condition autonomously.

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