“Aches and pains are a common complaint in the neck and upper shoulders, the exact diagnosis will be deduced by your chiropractic physician”

Where are the neck muscles located?

The neck and shoulders are mostly fleshed out with muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is controlled by your nervous system and brain, when a muscle is “tight” that is because your brain has told it to tighten. Muscles have a limited ability to resist forces, so when you sit at a desk for long periods the muscles will eventually “burn out” and become painful.

Muscular Neck Pain

What does pain in the muscles feel like?

Muscular pain is something which we have all experienced at some point, the dull irritating “ache” can take many forms, however when the pain becomes relentless it can really wear your down. Occasionally muscles may develop “trigger points” these are areas of muscle that have become so tight that they are able to send pain distant to the problem area. Sometimes a tight muscle in the upper shoulder can refer pain to your head which feels like a “headache”

How can chiropractic help?

the cause of the muscular tension needs to be uncovered first and foremost. If the muscular tension is caused by stress: relaxation massage may be recommended. If the cause is posture then exercises may be recommended. If the cause of tension is tightness in the joints then the chiropractor will first loosen joints. The most important message here is to not continually treat tightness but look for why the tightness is occurring.

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