Muscular aches and pains in the lower back area are something we have all most likely experienced at some point, but what happens when they become a lasting problem?

What is it?

The lower back and pelvic area are densely populated by muscle tissue, with so much muscle tissue present it can often be a confusing job pinpointing what is actually painful for the sufferer. Muscles ALWAYS tighten up for a reason, sometimes its due to pain in the joints, sometimes its due to bad posture and other times its due to bad movement patters, the exact cause of the muscular tightening needs to be deduced rather than constant treatments.

Low Back Pain Muscular

What does it feel like?

Muscular aches and pains are not uncommon to experience, however they normally last a couple of days, and we can normally pinpoint why the aches began (working hard in the gym, sitting at a desk for too long) but what happens when two weeks down the line you are still suffering from the dull nagging aches? It’s time to get help! Muscular pain is normally felt as a dull boring ache, however on occasion it can be sharp and piercing.

What can we do to help?

As stated in the what is it section here at North Down Chiropractic Clinic we try to focus on WHY the muscle is tight in order to solve the problem, this aims to remedy the situation once and for all. Once the cause of the muscular tension has been deduced, you may be prescribed therapeutic massage with our masseuse, exercises, manipulation or even acupuncture!

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