Facet Joint Sprain

“Dull achy low back ? occasional sharp stab? Maybe your facet joints are to blame?”

What is a facet joint?

Your spine is created of bones (vertebrae) discs, and small joints posteriorly. These small joints mediate movement in the spine, excessive movement, or excessive postural strain predisposes them to injury. The small joints are surrounded by a capsule, which contains lubricant to help them stay mobile. With overuse, poor postural habits, trauma and certain sporting endeavours these facets joints can become painful and “restricted”.


What does a facet joint issue feel like?

The onset of the condition may be gradual over a long period with few indications as to why, or it may began rapidly with trauma. Often the facet joint will send sharp stabs on certain movements such as arching your back, it can often feel uncomfortable to sit for long periods or get comfortable in bed. The dull ache is normally localised to the lower back, it can be central or just to the side of the spine.

How can chiropractic help?

Once a facet joint issue has been diagnosed by your chiropractor, treatment options will be explained to you, treatment will be different depending on your preferences, how acute the condition is, your age and any medical conditions. Often the chiropractor will work directly on the joints aiming to restore normal motion to them, however occasionally your chiropractor will work indirectly, working around the issue by reducing muscle tension and prescribing exercise.

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