Low Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain Overview

Sciatica / Slipped Disc

The terms “slipped disc” and “sciatica” are used a lot, however the meaning is often lost and the terms are often applied to miscellaneous aches and pains.

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Facet Joint Sprain

Your spine is created of bones (vertebrae) discs, and small joints posteriorly. These small joints mediate movement in the spine, excessive movement, or excessive postural strain predisposes them to injury.

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Sacroiliac Joint Sprain / Piriformis Syndrome

Your pelvis is made of three bones, two big hip bones (ilia) and one sacrum. These bones are joined by three joints, one at the front (pubic symphysis) and two sacroiliac joints at the back.

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The lower back and pelvic area are densely populated by muscle tissue, with so much muscle tissue present it can often be a confusing job pinpointing what is actually painful for the sufferer.

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Wear and Tear

Wear and tear is an almost ubiquitous term which is used to describe osteoarthritis.

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