What is it?

The knee is a simple hinge joint (also allows some rotation), it is often to referred to as the “middle child” between the mobile ankle and hip. The knee is surrounded by passive support in the form of ligaments and active support in the form of muscles. Both the active and the passive support of the knee can be affected by injury. Ligaments in the body can be affected by trauma such as a football tackle/fall or gradual postural stress which develops over many months.


What does it feel like?

The feeling will be greatly variable depending on the ligament affected, the nature of the dysfunction, the length of time the pain has been there, as well as any other comorbidities.

How can we help?

First a diagnosis will be made, your chiropractor will decide the extent of the damage, which will guide their plan of management. Grade 1 and 2 tears will be managed in clinic, grade 3 can often be referred out for orthopaedic assessment. Your treatment will focus on reducing inflammation, correcting dysfunction and rehabilitating imbalances.

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