“1 in 3 people suffer up to 15 times a month with tension headaches”

What is it?

Tension headache is a broad based term used to describe pain in the head from many sources. This headache is incredibly common affecting 1 in 3 people up to 15 times a month, often lasting a minimum of 30 minutes a time. Most people chose to put up with the headaches, other chose to use medication to manage symptoms, often this leads to excessive stress and over reliance on painkillers.

Tension Headache Treatment

What does it feel like?

Tension headaches produce a dull aching feeling that can resonate around any area of the head, often felt at the base of the skull or towards the side of the head around the ears. Tension headaches can be aggravated by: stress, posture, squinting, dehydration, tiredness and lack of physical activity.

How can we help?

First your chiropractor will perform a full case history and physical examination, following this a diagnosis will be made, the diagnosis will be a specific mechanical diagnosis, this means your chiropractor will target: joints, muscles, movements and posture to give you the best possible chance of making progress. Your chiropractor may also give advice on nutrition, stress management and supplementation.

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