Tennis Elbow

“You don’t have to play tennis to acquire a tennis elbow”

What is it?

Tennis elbow is a colloquial term used to describe pain on the outside of the elbow. A clinic diagnosis will clarify the cause of the pain, often the pain is a tendon issue in the “extensor” tendons, these are the muscles that extend the wrist among other things. With repetitive tasks these tendons can develop small tears, which cause pain and weakness.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

What does it feel like?

Tennis elbow can feel like a sharp stab, or a low level dull ache located over the outside of the elbow. The pain is often worse when trying to grip an object with your hand.

How can we help?

First your chiropractor will deduce which tendon is affected, and how badly it is affected. Your chiropractor will then discuss treatment options with you, the treatments aim is to reduce inflammation and ease the tension in the muscles around the area. Treatments may include a period of rest and rehabilitation of the muscles.

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