“Is it broken or just a spain?”

What is it?

The ankle is extremely prone to sprains; it is one of the most common injuries in the musculoskeletal system. A sprain normally occurs with a rapid uncontrolled movement such as when playing sports, falling of a curb/slip when wearing high heels. This is almost instantly followed by pain. The pain is produced in response to “stretching/tearing/irritation” of the ligaments that surround the ankle, normally this is on the outside of the ankle, commonly around the ATFL which is one of the most commonly sprained ligaments in the human body. A sprain can also occur very gradually over a long period of time, with a gradual stretching of the ligament as opposed to the acute injury we are all familiar with. It is imperative for your clinician to make a correct diagnosis ruling out fractures is normally paramount here.

Ankle Pain

What does it feel like?

A sprained ankle can be incredibly painful; the pain often starts instantaneously with swelling appearing later. The pain may be of a throbbing quality with sharp stabs on certain movements.

How can we help?

First your chiropractor will make a diagnosis, informing you of which ligament is sprained, and what degree of sprain it is. From here your plan of management will be formulated, this will often include advice, exercises, and some soft tissue techniques to help restore range of motion.

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