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People present to chiropractors with a diverse number of ailments, at North Down Chiropractic we treat “musculo-skeletal” problems, this means problems associated with the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and other connective tissues found in the body.

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Chiropractors most commonly treat problems such as neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and migraines, however it is not uncommon to present to a chiropractor with lower limb and upper limb issues. Your chiropractor will always examine all relevant areas which may include your feet, knees and hips even if you are presenting with lower back pain, this is because we believe treating the whole body yields greater results than treating areas in isolation.

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Should I see a chiropractor, a physiotherapist or an osteopath?

This is a commonly asked questions, and in truth the answer should be “it depends” all of the treatments selected by your healthcare provider (physiotherapist/chiropractor/osteopath) whatever their degree title may be, should be guided by experience and contemporary research. This means whoever you present to should be able to effectively manage your condition. Here at North Down Chiropractic we're happy to help with any of your questions or queries. We work with you to get you the best treatment possible. Get in touch today.

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North Down Chiropractic Clinic is situated on Grays Hill, in Bangor within easy travelling distance to Newtownards, Belfast, Holywood and Donaghadee.

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