What should I expect on my first visit to a chiropractor?

Being in pain can be a worrying experience at the best of the time, and presenting it in a chiropractor’s office is often a new and daunting experience so have a read and we will clear up some confusion about your first visit.


Anyone can attend a chiropractor, you don’t need a referral from a GP or other healthcare professional. Chiropractors are primary healthcare physicians and can diagnose conditions and formulate their own treatment plans. This means your first step towards seeing a chiropractor is to simply call our reception team on 02891859990, our “contact us” page has links to our email, our telephone number and also our position on a map.

Your first visit

If you have spoken to our reception team, you will be clear about what to bring to your appointment, normally the chiropractor would like as much previous medical information as possible, including reports of scans and the medication you take regularly. On arrival to our clinic you will meet the receptionist on duty who will help you fill out some personal information such as address and contact numbers.

Your chiropractor will first run through a detailed case history with you, this involves sitting and talking about everything relevant to your pain, sometimes the questions asked by your chiropractor may not seem relevant, but it is important your chiropractor builds a picture about your lifestyle as well as just your pain. Next your chiropractor will run through your medical history, this involves a detailed description of medications, medical problems, surgeries, diet and occupational history.

Next step

Now your chiropractor will begin the physical examination, this will involve getting changed into appropriate clothing for a thorough physical exam, this may include a gown for females and underwear for males. The examination will look for areas of the body and back that are not working properly, as well as the painful areas. Once your chiropractor is happy, they will sit you down and explain exactly what they have found.

Report of findings

The report of findings is where your chiropractor will sit and explain what they have found on the examination, they will explain what their “working diagnosis” is, treatment options and how long they think it will take to see improvements. Your chiropractor is fully trained to triage you, this means they can examine each case to decide whether chiropractic care is appropriate for you, if not they are able to refer you to the correct therapy. Often your chiropractor will treat you on your first visit too, however this is at the discretion of the chiropractor and not always appropriate with some conditions.

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